Daddy's Little Meatball

Is a hilarious nickname that I accidentally came up with for my daughter :) I can't remember what he actually said, I was in the other room and I swear I heard him call her a meatball, and it stuck!
I love her so much, she is truly the light of my life. I can have a miserable night at work and just feel crabby and worn out but at soon as I see her tiny smiling face all the negativity just disappears.
I waited a while longer than most of my friends and family to have kids, because I wasn't sure I even wanted them, I loved my crazy party life, but I feel like I got all that crazy out of me and now I can concentrate on my family.
She's only a year and a half old although so far we have a blast together, so I can't imagine how much fun there is to come :)
GypsyTransient GypsyTransient
31-35, F
Dec 6, 2012