A New Food Group

This past friday I was at my sister's house with my daughter visiting. As we were gossiping and carrying on we notice my nine month old choking. So in attempt to dislodge the foreign object that was blocking her air passage, I crammed my finger down her throat hoping to flip it out of her mouth. I could feel it but I couldn't grab it. So here my sis and I go, beating her on the back and holding her upside down but nothing was working. My poor kid was screaming and gasping for air when she threw up and blood came up with it. OMG!!!! " What do we do, what do we do?" I yelled. My sis grabbed the baby and said we were running down to the local clinic (luckily local means 3 blocks away). I was driving live a bat out of hell while my sister held my still gasping child. Okay, so picture this, my sisteris still in her nightgown and houseshoes, my shirt has blood on it and my child is screaming in between gasps when we enter the clinic. While in there we recieve immediate help from the doctor. I guess right before we got in the room my daughter had swollowed whatever was in her throat, because when the do layed her down to examine her she was breathing fine. The doc said she could she some blood that had collected in her throat adn that we should take her to the hospital and have an x-ray done since we had no clue as what it was she swallowed. Pluse we needed to make sure it went to her stomach and not her lungs. So we went to the hospital and the x-ray showed a screw sitting in her tummy!!! She had a scratch on her tonsil, which would explain the blood, either from the screw or from my fingernail. The ER doc had called 2 family practice docs and a pediatrician to ask there opinion on the subject. They all said that if she was able to swallow it then she should be able to pass it. Yes, this means I would have to search through every poopy diaper!!! If the screw hadn't passed by monday then she would need another x-ray done. From there they would have sent a scope through her intestines to remove it. The doctor told that in rare cases surgery was required. But the funniest thing was on her hospital realease papers and instructions it said : Chech diapers until screw passes. That's one for the baby book!!! Also on the papers they call it Foriegn Body Ingestion, and they listed example of things kids and adults have swallowed such as: nails thumbtacks, needles, safety pins etc... WTF? Adults swallowed this **** too? So anyway, Monday rolled around and as far as I could tell the screw hadn't passed I took her to her pediatrician and he did an x-ray. Guess what? The screw wasn't there anymore!! I guess I look over it! The doc looked at me in disbelief when I told him I had thoroughly sifted through her diapers. So now everything is fine except I walked in her bedroom this morning cuz I heard giggling and caught her eating vaseline! Once again I called the doc and he said it would just make her poop easier. I guess I should have given that to her when she swallowed the screw!!
Luci Luci
22-25, F
1 Response Aug 9, 2007

ROFLMAO! I don't know about you, but I don't plan on sampling these new food groups any time too soon! Glad your daughter's ok, though!