Excuses to Get Out of Bed

Last night, after several attempts to get out of bed, my 5 yr old daughter came to me in  my room, and looked me lovingly in the eyes....started patting my hand and said "Will you cover me up my little lovepot?"  I almost died laughing.  I sent her back to bed, went in there, covered her up, and asked "Where did you hear the word Love pot from?"  She said she made it up.  I turned around so she wouldn't see me smile again, and she clearly pointed out to me that I thought it was funny.  OMG did I ever.  That was the most hilarious thing to ever come out of this little girl's mouth.  Calling her mother "Lovepot".  I still smile to myself when I think about it.  It is times like this that help me to deal with the times when she is not being so adorable!!!!!!

starprincess starprincess
31-35, F
Feb 17, 2009