December 20th, 2004

That was the day my daughter was born.  I remember feeling so anxious throughout the pregnancy because I thought something might go wrong.  As it turns out, I had a relatively easy labor and my daughter was as perfect as she could be.  Once we got her home, we tried to keep her swaddled and provide white noise to make her comfortable.  They say it helps to recreate what she's used to in the womb.  With each passing day, she liked being swaddled less and less.  White noise didn't lull her to sleep anymore.  She was forgetting what it was like to be inside the womb.  With the PPD I was experiencing, I felt like she was forgetting all about me.
Now that she is almost 3 years old, I have realized that my parent/child bond was never broken.  If anything, it has grown stronger.  Our bond has changed and she is more independent, but I will always be mom.  And I've been married to a wonderful man who loves being a dad.  We do things together as a family and it's so much fun.  It's incredible watching her learn and express herself.  Sometimes, I can't believe that she is this little girl already... seems like just yesterday she was just a tiny baby.  I love being a mommy.
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What a beautiful story.... it really shows how much you care for your daughter.

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story - and the stories within the story that are gently hinted at in the telling of this. The feeling that she was forgetting you on such a profound and visceral level must have been awful; now, years down the track it is insightful and poetic in a way, and reaffirming when matched with your realisation that your bond with her remains as powerful as ever.<br />
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She's lucky to have you for a mom :)