I Love My Daughter

There was a time when I said that I admired my daughter because she was the person I always wanted to be.

She was so mature, and could talk to anyone. People always commented on what a wonderful young woman she was. I could not believe that this beautiful person came from me.

Her friends came to her for advice, and she helped them out. She warned them on the importance of practicing safe sex and even made sure they had condoms. She was enrolled in college ina program to be a child and youth worker, and then a social worker.

Then, without warning, she changed.

She dropped out of college...twice. She announced to me one day that she was pregnant...and the father was one of two guys.

She began drinking excessively and smoking pot on a daily basis. It didn't help that, shortly after the birth of her daughter, her father suffered a massive heart attack right in front of her, and then passed away after a week in a coma. She has never properly dealt with the grief.

I love my daughter still, but I worry about her. I miss the person that she was, and I really hope I see that girl again, because I am not really happy with the girl that she is right now.

teagranny teagranny
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OMG. Are you ME???