What's the Value Add of the Dba In the Corporate World?


I have a MSc. in Strategic management from France, and was considering getting a MBA or PhD from a top University a few years down the line. The DBA in Strategy from Harvard seemed optimal in all terms. However, after reading the program's description on Harvard's page, I became reluctant due to the fact that it is designed for an academic career rather than a corporate career.

MBA degrees seem to have become too commoditized. Furthermore, they lack the theoretical and analytical depth that a doctoral degree has. This is specially important and relevant for those working in consulting and Business research.

Looking forward for your thoughts.


Saeb Omari


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Jaafar, I work in research and consulting, total experience = 7 years. Strategy isn't really the core of what I do but if you have any questions feel free to send me at: saeb.omari@gmail.com

Saeb and nude, are you people working in the field now? I would appreciate some tips

I agree with you!

Thnx nudeinva for your answer, what you said does make sense. Looking forward for more thought and insights about the subject.

Most doctorates are used in either academic or research positions. MBA are the core of the business structure, not doctorates. Masters show an advanced level of learning and achievement, but the real life of business has to be learned on the job. No MBA will ever land anyone in a high postion without the corresponding achievements in the corporate arena. <br />
So if you want to be in the corporate world, I do not see the value of the doctorate, it actually be a handicap because of the doctorate stereotype of individuals who can think but not do!