Rock And A Hard Place

He Impregnated my Mother,Married her and when i was little i never knew what was wrong.I suppose when you're that Young nothings wrong. Im 19 and he still treat's me like his "Little Boy" my Mother passed away two Years ago and he still can't move on I feel if i leave something may happen to him.He depends on his Mother for Financial Security and can't go a Day without Pot.He uses my Money from Work for Gas Etc. and hopes i won't ask for him to Pay me back.He throws temper Tantrums and always tells me to get out of "His" House when ever i confront him he either Screams maniacally or Laughs hysterically like it's a stupid joke he know's he doesn't mean it because i won't hesitate to do it. He loves me unconditionally but he treat's me more like an old Highschool Classmate than an actual Son..
HardDanceSlave HardDanceSlave
18-21, M
May 24, 2012