My Shameful Father Who I Call "ron"

Skip the college support, let alone be there for anyone.... Or for that matter  a shameful dead beat father who takes advantage of the family. A man who doesn't have a job and who was a crappy parent. I can relate to all of you on this forum and everything that I have read applies to man I call Ron. Lets just say for me my "dad" was a man ***** who slept with everything crawling that was alive. I think about all the **** that was done to me in the past that it really has become numb to me that I don't think about it. But the thing that ate me a while ago was what he was doing at this present moment. Thre only end result of this is that everyone has lost respect for him. That is single most important part. I exposed for him the man he truly is. Evil. Thats all I can say about him. I can wake up with a smile on my face that I am not like him. I can wake up knowing that my sister Ashley is a very good mother who is married to a dedicated husband and father to my nephew Dillan. I can wake up happy knowing that my sister Beth is bold enough to finally stand up against her father and see the truth. I am proud of my aunt Kristy who drove a leech out for her own piece of mind who we call "Ron". I am especially proud of my grandmother Mugs for coming to terms that things are not what they appeared to be with her son... It is a pity for me to say this I don't feel anything for him. To be honest if my father were to die I really think that I would not be shooken by it. He was dead to me before all this. I have no father. I can wake up knowing that as a man myself I am not like him. I can finally say after all this time......................................."I FINALLY DEFEATED YOU RON". Now I can move on with my life and better myself

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good for you :-):-):-)