My Job Sucks

I have worked at the same job for almost 13 years.  It used to be a fairly decent place to work; not a lot of raises, but OK.  Now the whole company is going down the tubes, will be lucky to stay open the rest of the year.  I have been "maxed out" in pay, no more raises. When someone quits, is fired, or retires, they are not replaced whick leaves more work for everyone else.   There is no advancement, unless you suck up to certain people, which I would never do.  The job market where is live is not good, only temp and low paying jobs.  The only positive here is employment is better than unemployment.  I guess I will just stay here and keep looking for something better. 
36-40, M
1 Response Jan 21, 2007

Keep up the positive thoughts - they bring positive action into your life! Good luck!