My dad died in March of 2012. He choked on his food when no one was home. Super dumb. If someone would have been home or he ate better then I would still live with him and my life would be extremely different. I think about it all the time. I'm wearing his jacket right now just to feel closer to him and I try to repress the unhealthy relationship we had.
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My dad died in January 30, 2012. I personally hated that year.

Yea and also being a 14 yr old didn't help either right?

I was still in middle school, then my ******* teacher had to tell everyone. There is absolutely nothing more annoying than people asking "how have you been" meanwhile they dont really care

I think the worst of it was in the first 8 months, then it was really sad because after awhile you start to forget their face. That's what bothers me the most.

I reget the last time too, he was in the hospital and I muttered "I love you" but back then I didnt mean it as much as I would have now

I was 14, my dad was 80. His immune system was working properly and got sick from fixing my front door that winter


Dont be sorry, Im moving on with my life now. Thats what he wouldve wanted. Your dad too prob. I drive his car now and I will till kingdom come.

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