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My name is 19 i have two children a daughter that is 22 months and a son that is 10 months yea i kno i didnt waste any time but anyways their father Anthony i have stood by for 5 years he has my two and 2 (the same age as mine) with another woman..he has been going back and forth between me and her for 3 years. He has cheated on me countless times and beat me twice n i kno im stupid cuz ive taken him back everytime mainly because i thought i owed it to my kids to make it work with him but seeing their faces when we fought this last time woke me that i have ended it completely he wont see my kids. He doesnt have a job n whenever he does get money he spends it on weed he has warrants out for not paying childsupport but even when i tell the police where he is they dont do anything to catch him. Its bad when your kids father lives in the same town n when they see their father he ignores them it hurts cuz this was the man i trusted would change n act right n this was the man who fathered the children who he cant spend time with. I dont know what to do i mean what do you tell your daughter when she asks where daddy is and how do you calm your son down when he stays up crying dada everynight...i kno theyre young and theyll soon get over it but that doesnt help right now....
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If he isn't willing to be a father...shame him...if he has a facebook page post the deadbeat vent..make a poster and paste all over your town..and most of all...don't look back...he is incapable of giving you what you want or need....many strong single women raise strong children....keep in mind though, no matter how bad of a father/partner he is...try not to let your children hear you say need to feel that they are loved and are secure and safe...good luck to you....namaste

Thank yall for the advice it means alot to get this out in the open and i kno not to talk bad about him to the kids they think the world of him but its just really hard ive been the only one taking care of my kids financially since day one and he gets off with nothing...i just dont understand how someone could create lives and not want to see them grow and take care of them...its just so frustrating..