Deadbeat Baby Daddy Drama

I was 17 when i got pregnant. we was together for 6 years when he decided to cheat on me but he did not do it then i just found that out in year 6 he started cheating in 3year we was together. we live behind his mommy an daddy .  it was just so crazy i think if you was me you would have left along time ago. when he left my son and i . he left us  with no light or food . all i can say is that  thank god we was behind his mom cause thats where me and my son  came to live for a little while . when  my son got out of pre -K   i moved the hellout without anyone known cause they was going to do something very bad.  so he came an seen him a few times before  i moved . any ways i moved on an had another baby  from someone else.  both of my kids has the same birthday so i decided to have a birthday party they had the Nerve to ask if he could bring his new girlfriend to the party omg i wanted to say hell no  what the hell  is wrong with you but  i put that aside  for there birthday i wanted everybody to just be happy on that day. so i said yes  she can come she was dressed like she was going to a street cornor or something. after it was all an done that day next day  my sons daddy id named daniel . daniel  mom call me and said daniel got into and accident  she would not tell me much only that there was nobody else hurt. well like i always  i went looking online looking for accident in the area and i found something else about what had happened that his mom would have never told me . if i would not seen it for my self . well the reason  he was hurt  because  got arrested for drugs on his  person on  an braking probation. he went to amite jail and he was talking **** to the people he was in jail with or ratting people out  he got beat up real bad. but that is an was his fault. they  had to put like 14-16 plates in his face and fix  his nose but the nose shifted the day  they done it . then he started using that for and excuse for not working. then he took me to court  about his already  child support case  to get his  support lower it started  at 176 . dollars a month then when he got it lower to 150 dollars a month and can not pay that. then one day my son had a problem at school i had to talk to my son about what he was doin at school so they call his maw  maw at told him what he did  and said . so they came by think to talk about what happened at school  ..... nope i was so very very wrong they came just to tell me that daniel can do a better job raising  my son  then me  OMG it took everything in my power not to tell or kick them out of my house. i had 2 kids in the same room when this mess went down . so i was trying to do a good job and not to get ugly  being they are old like in the 50 or 60 .OMG then  ask my like girls daddy to  ask for then or just keep it in mind . try to get him to do it to  i about come unglued. thank god  they was leaving . this just happened about 2-3 years ago. what just happend  daniel and his cousin was going down the road very fast and got in a  wreck and broke the bone that holds your ribs together that protects the heart now he can not work because of it . but i did not tell you they was drunk when this happened . that was his 2 wake up call but still  he just wont grow the hell up.  with that said he could not get my son a christmas present . but he did buy himself  a playstation for 200.00 . yea i can true say now that daniel is a piece of crap.  he done put his own daddy in the poor house  cause of the crap . and his own daddy as cancer  he can not be worring about his grown *** son. with that said my son does not want to go over there cause he dont do anything with him or go to see him at his maw-maw house . it at the point he done this for so long now we told daniel if you did not start doing something he will not want anything   to do with you now cause of it . an thats they way it is now he really dont want to go over there cause of it. I have more but thats the main stuff . for now anyways. you tell me what you would have done in my shoes.















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3 Responses Jan 10, 2012

You are doing your best, I would give up on your deadbeat farther of your child and try to get on with your life. I wish you all the best and take care.

You did the best you could given the situation. Am giving you lots of hugs, stay strong

No one really knows what they would do~~~because they have not walked in your shoes. May you be blessed and I wish you all the best.