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Missing Deadbeat Father (leslie C. Youngblood)

Leslie Charles Youngblood, of Ft. Lauderdale Florida has avoided child support fot the past 8 years. The state is unable to find him, even with his social security number. PLease help me in the fight to stop deadbeat parents. If you have any info on this man, please contact me the child's mother.


babymama82 babymama82 26-30 4 Responses May 7, 2008

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Mine has only paid for 2 of my daughter's 11 years and called me one time to tell me I had better tell child support enforcement that he's in school so they don't pursue him. I told him I would do nothing of the kind since I still had to support my daughter while I was in school. About the lawyer will end up paying more than you may possibly get from your deadbeat baby daddy IF you can get anything at all.

go after me instead i will pay if it is deducted from my check and i wont run ether

LOL, That won't be necessary. God is providing for us

Good um glad you are doing ok

Dang spell check I ment to say good I'm glad you are doing OK lol

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Good luck. Hope they can catch up to him. My deadbeat has never paid a dime for MY 14 year old. I'm pretty sure he works under the table, most likely a drug dealer and/or getting dumb women to pay his way through life.

I saw my deadbeat on Facebook and he has at least 4 new kids and never pays for mine. And contacted me pissed cause he was picked up on a warrant. Bahahaha I don't care!

Mine also has 2 additional kids by two different mothers and now wants me to contact them so all the kids can meet like that's my job. I don't feel like that's in my daughters best interest so there will be none of that. This man is almost 40 and still acting like an ***. He told me that the people who test blood wanted his ***** because they saw that he was young and strong...I'm like, " Mofo please, don't nobody want any of your deadbeat *****!". I love my baby to death, but I would say no to him if I had it to do over again because he is a lowlife nut.

I can't believe they can't locate this man with his known full name and social security number! So he must not have a job then right? Is there any possibility he may have left the country? Have you thought about consulting an attorney of your own to represent you with child support enforcement or consulting a P.I. at all? It's so sad that men do these kinds of horrible things isn't it? I myself have never even met my biological father as all my mom ever told me was that she informed him of my birth and he just never came and never called her again. I ate a lot of government cheese growing up as a result.



Just think maybe it was best for you. If he didn't want to be around he may have been a huge jerk and you could have been abused and ate government cheese. My sister and I argue about this a lot. I had out a$$hole father, she didn't. She got a loving step dad that raised her as his own. She never went without and never seen the inside of a bar like I did. She didn't get pregnant at 13 and nobody seemed to notice, cause my dad was a looser and would not work. My mom had to work 2 jobs. I used to get dropped off at church (I hated it, I was looked down at everyone pityed me cause they knew what my dad was doing.) so my dad can get laid from a prostitute. And he would beat my mom until she gave him all her money. We would not be able to eat cause he needed drugs or sex. I say she had it better - she thinks it was better for me. Sadly she does not know him. I told her she can have him. I disowned him! Don't need a guy like that in my kids life!!