Liar..You Know who you are..

I met My unborn child's father in april-may of 2011. I am now 7 months pregnant. We concieved our son in march . He seemed excited and i was scared seeing as how he wasn't good to me. But he promised to be there. About a week or two after I found out i found out he had cheated on me with any and everyone. All the while smiling in my face. Liar. He has a 3 yr old daughter and does nothing for her. I actually bought him and his daughter and his daughters brother gifts. Gifts I later found out he sold for drug money. He denied it always..He left me to be verbally and almost physical abuse by a chick he was sleeping with. I left him. He then contacted me telling me he was sorry He was going to be "perfect"..I go back to him. He picks me up from the train station..we go back to his homeboys house..(Same friend who I later found out stabbed his own gf, while my sons father watched)..I see him for 2 days..he was rude, inconsiderate, and basically a P.O.S. At one point he yelled at me for being sick and vomiting and being hungry. Telling me I was over reacting and to get over it. I would have to walk to get myself food while he slept after being up playing video games all night. When I returned one evening, he accused me of sleeping with his friend and his friends gf..Yeah right. He then left and I haven't seen him since. Let me say..I NEVER CHEATED ON THIS A**Hole. He knows that. I stayed waiting for him to call and looking for him. He later contacted his friend from another females phone..Didn't check on me, nothing.I decided to cheer myself up I'd go out. I am nice so I took his Friend and gf out on me.His friend ended up beating his women till she bled everywhere. I was very scared..As he beat her over wanting to sleep with me and she got upset with him. Mind you I am pregnant. I take her to hospital..Idiot Girl won't press charges. His friend then tries to convince me to get rid of mine and he will put his gf out and we will be together. I said no, and left. About a month after All this, he butt dials me..I over hear his father call me and my unborn child ******..he agreed. He has changed his number and only wants to message me when the drugs run out or when he needs an ego boost. I have tried to encourage him to be a part all of this. He sent me a picture of his new Motorcycle. He hasn't even been to one Dr. appointment, or even inquired about our health. But he had the nerve to ask me to name our son after him. I have since blocked him from any and every form of communication. He always hurts me. I won't have him do that to my son.

Oh and why would I want my son to be named after him? every man in that family with that name is either a *********, addict, abusive..just losers..He won't be. I honestly want to post his name so he can't do this to any other women. He has a 3yr old daughter, a possible son around 1.5yr, and our son. He does nothing. I am due in November by c-section he knows the day. He will not show up. And if he does I want him escorted out of my room immediately.The only way he should enter my room is if he signs over is rights..And he has already said he won't do that..which is stupid because he has on plans on being an active parent for any of his children. And he and I both know he won't do that. He thinks out of sight out of mind..He knows this is his Child. So does his Dad/Grandpa..Well looks like while you're buying motorcycles and selling your farm.s and carrying on, figure out if Daddy/Grandpa plan on paying Your Child support.  I loved him and still do. But I don't need to see him ever again.
MY son's name is Not Charles. Why would i name my son after a family full of such perverse, racist creatures? (it's a weak name anyways) My son's name is Adoniyah Zuri. A strong name for a strong boy, given by a strong Mother.
IdesOfMen IdesOfMen
Sep 20, 2012