Deadbeat Husband/dad!

My name is Casey and I am 20 years old, I have a son who is 7 months old today. When I was 19 I met my husband, he was 22 and he lived a few hours away. I went to visit him for a week and we fell in love fast! He came to live with me at my parents house after only a few weeks. 3 months later I found out I was pregnant, and at first we were scared but eventually grew to love our baby even before he was born. He got a good job working for the same company my dad works for and we got everything ready for the baby. When I was a few months pregnant he asked me to marry him, and I said yes. We got married 7/22/11 and everything was going great. We had an awesome relationship. We loved each other very much and he was a great guy. So finally our son is born, and it was amazing, he was there through my labor and csection and took care of him while I recovered. We took our baby boy home and he stayed home from work for a week to help with him. Everything was great, okay fast forward 4 months. His mom goes to jail for some past thing on her record or something so his dad bas to move closer to us and the rest of his family. Thats when our problems started! We had to start helping his dad out with all kinds of things. Well another month goes by and my husband starts complaining about his job, and coming home early and taking days off. I start to worry he is going to lose his job! So I talk to him about it and he promises to do better. Well after a few weeks he loses his job, and I am so stressed and scared that I was always in a bad mood but who could blame me? I helped him look for jobs and wrote his résumé for him and everything! Well on the dad our son turned 6 months old I woke my husband up to apply for a job online and he does and then his dad calls because he needs help picking up his car or something. So my husband kisses me and the baby bye and leaves. He calls me 3 hours later and says "we need to talk" I say okay....he tells me he is going to stay at his aunts for a few weeks and get things together for himself. Keep in mind we didn't fight or anything! So of course I freak out. You can't just stay at your aunts and leave your wife and son behind. So I yell and he hangs up on me. I didn't hear from him for a week! 7 days! Yeah so when I do finally hear from him its a Facebook message saying he wants me to move on and that he will always love his son but we are done. I freak out, have a panic attack, pack up all of his clothes. A few days later I call him, he answers and agrees to meet me somewhere. We go have lunch and we cry and talk and agree to work things out while he lives at his friends house one block away, in my neighborhood. So we talk through calls and texts and see each other and have sex for a week, then he disappears again! This time for 3 days, until I finally go over to his friends and demand he talk to me. He claimed I texted him too much and pressured him. So I give him another chance and things go good for a week and guess what?! He disappeared again....this time I was done. I couldn't take it any longer!!! I got a job, because he left me with no money and only gave me 200 dollars the past 2 months he had been gone. I start working and by this point I haven't heard from him in 2 weeks. He hasn't seen his son in 3 weeks, and he lives one freaking street away!!!! So I file for divorce...and he gets served and he emails me saying...guess you blocked me on Facebook ( I did) so I have no choice but to contact you through email (you can't call? Or walk to my house?!) I am upset you want a divorce, I never in my mind thought we were over but now this is it for us. We are done. (Really?!) I will never stop loving my son and I miss him everyday and it hurts to not see him (yeah right...) you will not keep me from seeing my son! ( wtf? I haven't!! You haven't tried to see him *******!)

So that was a few days ago, my son is 7 months old today and he doesn't even care! He didn't try to save our marriage, he never even told me we had any problems...if he had I would have tried to fix things. He is not the same person I married, the person I love is dead now. He is a stranger, and I am so scared he is going to try and get my son. I have raised him his whole life! I breastfeed and cloth diaper and co sleep, we are very attached and I will die before he takes him from me. He doesn't even deserve to see him at all.
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Its ok we all make that mistake its so easy to find an ******* then a good one. But i really hope u dont take him bak n make the same mistake like me i tried so hard for my kids dad to be a part of our lives all the stress heartache and crying all it got me was nowhere because in the end i still didnt get him to be a good dad or boyfriend i got a pain,in the *** i have been with him since i was 13 got pregnant at 16 and finally stopped trying at 19 i am now 21 n have 2 kids by him its not worth it move on with your life n take care of ur baby n also maybe keep a folder of all the expences u pay for him incase he ever did try to take u to court im sure he cant take the baby as long as ur doing what you need to do believe me my kids father tried to pull that one on me to n the judge pretty much laughed at him n i still have full custody of both my kids:) good luck n maybe u can read, my stories n give some opionions

Hey casanderson1 --My name is Ashley and I am a producer at CBS.. do you want to confront him? call me now (347) 948-9344

I am so sorry that this happened to you. Next time do not let a guy move in with you at your parent's house.That should have been a warning sign. You would want him to show you that he can take care of you and your child on his own. Good luck in finding a right person! Your child is beautiful!

Really you moved him into your mothers home clearly he was no good from the start

Really you moved him into your mothers home clearly he was no good from the start