Tragic But True...

ok well we worked 2gether for about 2mths. thn we started to tlk thn date all n the course of 4mths. we were so close nd spent every waking moment together just whirlwind. i found out i was expecting. this is where it all started...

the day I told him i was n shock this would b my 3rd child. so we agreed to get an abortion. i thn here frm him this would b his 8th time. tht was totally against my religion the fear got the best of me. i then just said no. he said its me or tht thing u call a baby nd all kinds of vile disgusting things I wouldnt say to a dog. like just cruel things tht rocked me to the core. he was then stayn with me nd didnt go to ne apptmnts nd got angry tht i went. after a few wks of this i couldnt bare it any longer nd told him i couldnt do it. he left as promised. changed his # and all. i was heartbroken. not only was this emotionally draining but the pregnancy itself was complicated. i was n the hospital over half of it nd the er 31x. i had a heavy bleed for 4ths straigh clots the size of grapefruit just weak. had to get blood 6x. he came bk b4 i left town to say he sorry nd wants to work it out he stayd for a wknd then kissed me nd told me he loves me. tht was the last i saw him. i was on strict bedrest nd had to moved to b with my parents. i was admitted to the hospital nd he calld private 3x. fast forward my water broke they said she would die nd to prepare for the worst. my baby was born 15wks early at just over 1lb. he didnt know she was here for a month. i had to sesrch his sister nd let her know. then he finally calls only to say heres my # nd neva call hiz family again. neva askd if she was breathn still alive nthng. i got a massive infevtion (severe paratonitis) nd was nearly hrs frm death. my water was broken for 9dys. not 1x to this day has he asked about her. he told me to tell it whteva i wnted as to why hes not there. he doesnt even knw her name. he was gud to me nd my boys but the mask came off to unvail this creature... tears of joy my little Miracle faught like hell to b here nd she made it. born to a women strong enough to carry all the heartache nd cry her tears frm the pain of being rejected by tht deadbeat.
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Can i say this?? Terry J. Sigler aka Chicago 10/10/87... drummer