My Sons Father Thinks That $6.25 Per Week Is Enough Child Support For Our Son!

I received an email from my sons father telling me that he "doesn't part with his money easily especially to someone like me who is an alcoholic who only works part time." Let me explain...out of sixteen years of my sons life the only child support I've ever received was what was forcibly taken out of his paychecks in the amount of 50 dollars a week when he was working. However this man liked to be lazy and unemployed living off the charity of his mother and girlfriends so he rarely worked. As a matter of fact he didn't have a job for so many years that the child support enforcement unit had to suspend his driver's liscense and threaten jail time for him to get a paying job...finally! So, what does he do? He takes me back to court while he still isn't working (he had a job all lines up at this point I found out afterward) so that he could claim destitution and the judge lowered my payments down to 25 dollars A MONTH...that's 6.25 a week people! Then he went and began working right away full time making over fifteen dollars an hour AFTER he got the support lowered to almost nothing! Well let me tell you I am a college student and I work 30 hours a week (which is considered part time where I work) and have supported our son all these years without once receiving any help with Christmas gifts, birthdays, school clothes, school supplies, or anything else from this man. Now I ask him for 30 a week without having to go back to court and he has the nerve to say NO and to insult me!!! He didn't help pay for my son's 5,000.00 mother helped me thank god! He never even gave my son one single birthday gift....EVER. And he shouldnt be putting me down for my addiction problems when I put myself in A.A. and sought help for my addictions and have a great sponsor and am doing well in recovery. He is an alcoholic himself. The only difference between us is that I admitted it and asked for help while he continues to drink away! Does anyone else have a similar situation? How can men have children then not care to buy then birthday gifts and school clothes? Who else thinks this is messed up? Have a similar experience or suggestion for me? I'm looking forward to hearing from someone/anyone on this subject please. Thanks :(
BrokenChairBrokenSpirit BrokenChairBrokenSpirit
26-30, F
Sep 30, 2012