Stephan Ramon Robinson

He lives in Montgomery, Illinois and is 34 years old. He works at Starbucks in Aurora, Illinois. He is an Agg sex offender. He is the biggest deadbeat baby daddy ever. Not only does he not see my son and does not support him financially. He has threatened to kill him multiple times. He is a pathetic excuse for a man and should not be allowed to reproduce anymore. In the beginning of our relationship he did not inform me that he was a sex offender until after I had my son. I do not take him for child support because I am nervous if he gets visitation he might harm my child. The best place for Stephan Ramon Robinson is prison.
deadbeat4life deadbeat4life
1 Response Oct 15, 2012

He is more than a deadbeat he is a psycho. They prob would not give that lunatic visitation or at least it would be supervised but I understand why you avoid him. At least he is out of your life.