Baby Daddies (sorry Need To Vent)

how can someone say they r a loving father and that thats daddys boy and a whole bunch of nonsense wen they have only seen him 5x out of the two and a half months they have been alive. i dont understand how someone can say they r a concerned parent wen they dont call or come over or nuthin. someone please explain that to me cuz i really cant figure it out.
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you should start reading about sociopaths/psychopaths/narcissistic personality disorder......... people with different personality disorders actually don't have consciences and they aren't capable of loving. Not everyone looks at the world the way we do. Women in general are more empathic than men to begin with, but there are personality disorders that are behind some of the behaviors you're mentioning....I'm not trying to label this man I've never met....but reading about some of this stuff might at least help you understand his perspective so that you can move on for good.

he is not a father,,,,just addicted to some other thing ,no reason for not seeing your child,,,he may not even need to be a example for his child,,,he is making a bad one one

There's a difference between being a father and a ***** donor. A father is there for his child, even when he's away, he's working for his child.

He just thinks he is. He needs to rearrange his schedule to take time out to see about his son.

the funny thing is he doesnt have a schedule lol he doesnt work nor does he go to school so what he does all damn day is way beyond me lol and to tell you the truth hes such a bad influence that im not sure i want him around my son