DeadBeat For Life !!!!

Ok, Me and my baby daddy meet in 11 grade high school. We for 2 and a half years during this time he cheated on me over 20 times. I was stupid and in love so i forgave him. He started hitting me and treating me like ****. Everyday we would argue cause all he wanted to do was smoke weed. When i went to college he did trust me he always thought i was cheating! I NEVER cheated on this boy in my life. He said that i have an attitude problem so we broke up. Obviously if someone is being physically and emotionally abused they are going to have an attitude. I did so many things for him when we were together. I helped him financially and emotionally!! How easily they forget the good that women do for them. I found out i was pregnant after we broke up. He told me to have an abortion! I was so upset !! Then he says he wants me to keep the baby. I did what i wanted to do! i kept my baby! I am currently 4 mths pregnant and in school and not working. I get no help from my family. Im struggling to make doctor payments and having a hard time keeping up with the bills. He make $600 per week and lives with his family and has no financial obligation and he refuses to pay for any doctor bill or do anything. I hate him and i wish that he would just get some sense and do whats right.


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1 Response Jul 29, 2008

You my friend need a job. You don't need him. Don't worry about his money. Money is something you just go work for. You and your baby will be just fine. Be independent. File a child support case against him. And stay away from him. Better yet get a restraining order (order of protection) that includes child support. Then simply file a copy of it with the Division of support services. <br />
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Its awful what you've been through but life doesn't stop here. Change your life for the better that means minus him. Best Wishes~!