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You Don't Know

Oh yes, I am angry. I want to scream but what good would that do. It won't change a thing. It is done. Deep down, I resent you. Your so called "precious" words you speak of, only lies and deception. You've cheated over and over, because you're not getting your way. You're like a child who never received attention. You sleep with these women, and not once think about me or your baby. Man, I am the mother of your child, but disrespecting me like we mean nothing to you. Sex is all you see when you look at me, I am no prize to you. When I turn you down in the bedroom, you call me a "******* *****." You see that I am beauty but are blinded by my love. A child needs her father, but you only think of yourself. Bite your tongue old man, you have no right to call yourself "daddy". That is no title you deserve to claim. You don't know the first step to being a father. Should I blame you or the father before you. Man he has taught you well. You are heartless. Your crave for sex has taken over, you can't see what I see. It is written all over your face. My baby is now a child, growing and growing. Man, you don't reconize her. You are missing out. That is your choice. You are a loser. You are an abuser. You pretend to know her well, but you don't know her.
CreoleItalianwoman CreoleItalianwoman 31-35, F Jan 8, 2013

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