Time to Move On!

I am so sick of gettting into relationships based on lies.The sad truth about this is I knew what type of person he was and still is.Who was I fooling like I was going to change him.I hurt myself then I went through feeling sorry for myself like that was going to work.It didnt.I had to find peace in myself and forgive him even though It was hard because I felt like I was the victim.I forgave him for one reason and one main reason only to move on with my life and take care of my kids.I was tried of holding the hurt and the pain thinking "why did he do that."Why didnt he take care of his kids".And the big question was for me "Why didnt he take care of me make me feel like a women.That is some of the questions I had to bury.But it is more.I love my kids more than anything.And I will not let anyone come in between that. That is my focus and motivation.It is not just about me.Its about my kids as well.When your sitting there fussing in front of your kids.Take the the time and stop and look at your kids face....Its just not cool.Move on its just not worth it life is what you make it.I dont wish any one bad but what comes around goes around.

kimmie351 kimmie351
Jun 8, 2009