My Deaf Child Is Adopted

My child, he is now 22 years old, was adopted by my ex and me in 1989. He was born in Uruguay in south America. He was 3 years old when he was adopted by us. The first years he was very angry because he had no language/sign language. In the start we use body language but there was a lot misunderstandings. After some years he and we learned sign language. Now i think it is hard too keep up the sign language skills because i see him not so offen. He has his own appartement but not in my area. He is a great kid, have many deaf friends.

Dreem Dreem
46-50, M
1 Response Mar 15, 2009

well it makes you a better mother, to learn about your child, and have that bond, fantastic. And you learned to do a whole new language just for him, thats unconditional right there.