I Have A Connection With Wolves

I have a very deep connection with animals especially with dogs, cats and wolves. Every dog and cat iv met loves me, I was at a park with my friends and this old women was walking her dog, we went up to stoke it and the dog avoided my friends but when I went to stroke it it let me and sat down licking my hand, the women then said 'you've got the magic touch' we both smiled and she walked off. My uncle has 3 dogs and hate they it when people go near them when they are eating. They were eating their food out of a tray and one of the dogs called Jet had a ball and dropped it in the tray, so i put my my hand in the tray right next to their mouths and grabbed the ball, normal they would growl but they didnt. But I feel im most deeply connected to is wolves. I was on a school trip to the zoo and me and my friends ran to the wolves inclosure, then i stood over this small wooden fence and started to howl and wimper at them they then started acting all weird and confused, 3 wolves walked up to the febce where i was and was sniffing and looking around.Next we whent to the glass window and 2 wolves one white and grey and the other black , the grey and white wolf came up to the window Where I was and jumped onto it whirl looking at me. Then i moved to another window and the other wolf came up to me and was sniffing me through a hole in the window, it then jumped onto the window while trying to bite the window. All the wolves were confused and walking about where I was standing. Even the Alpha wolf was getting up to look. This is not normal behaviour and they don't normaly react if someone tries to impersonate them. We got a video of it on my IPod .
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1 Response Jan 6, 2013

Wow that sounds really good. i have a connection with dogs to.

Lol same!