Now What?

You want to discuss thorns?  I'll get my Old English Beowulf transcription.  Favorite character in The Canterbury Tales? Chauntecleer, what's yours?  My heart's been won by dead women and their tropes.  Dickens is utterly amusing.  I love/hate Derrida and the can of worms he opened.  I am the very model of a modern English major. 

Now, will someone please hire me to read books and write papers? 
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2 Responses Oct 8, 2006

Man, how I identify with you. Many years ago (14) I felt so similarly. Down to the Derrida. Had many adventures and dilemmas during the subsequent career journeys. Eventually, though, I felt literature was more of an avocation, and that I wanted it to inform why and how I choose to try to affect change beyond me. There are times I miss that possible life, though. What do some say - the paths we might have taken can sometimes haunt us like ghosts. So, which ghosts are going to be easiest to live with?

Your avatar is rather scary-looking! Those eyes! <br />
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What exactly do you do with your English degree? Have you found work? The job of your dreams? <br />
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