I just wanna know how to get it out
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Hit it from two angles. On one hand - work on accepting and loving yourself, including the darker parts of you. We all have our own demons - it's part of what makes us human. It's okay to truly look at yourself, the light parts and the dark parts, and to see an utterly flawed person, and to still be okay with that and accept yourself.

At the same time - become the person you need to be in order to be able to legitimately say "I like myself," based on your own standards, not anyone else's. If you go around setting puppies on fire, then you can't legitimately say that who you are is okay. You have to stop setting puppies on fire before you can do that. I'm sure you don't go around setting puppies on fire - but you get the idea.

It's almost impossible to do both those things together if you're motivated by guilt - but the two flow together easily if you're motivated by love.

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