I Have a Depressed Husband

Having a depressed partner isn't fun.  You can't make them get help for it.  I made my husband take an online quiz about depression by himself and he scored Depressed! He went to the doctor and was put on some medication which I could see such a big and Improved change in his attitude and everything else. He said he didn't feel any different. He stopped taking the meds.  I live with Chronic Pain every day and to have him depressed and being negative to me and everything the doctors want to do to me, I can't take much more.  He is smothering me.    He is the one who has to admit he's depressed and he is the one that has to take the first step.  I tried.  I guess he likes living in turmoil.  I don't.

PJonmeds PJonmeds
41-45, F
Mar 25, 2008