Please Help With My Depressed Spouse

can anyone help.i dont know what to do anymore. i am constantly feeling ignored and like dirt in his shoe. i am blamed for everything that is worong in his life. he can be really mean to this normal.he also does not shower and it repulses me. i hang in there for what we had.not what we have now. will things go back to normal
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2 Responses Jan 11, 2012

Yes... not showering is normal... I suffer with depression myself, its hard to find the energy sometimes to even have a simple shower...<br />
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Well.. yes... this is pretty normal... Things will get better! please dont give up on him! he cares about you, is just really hard for him to show it. We dont want to lie and say we are okay and we feel so bad we cant say good things... even if its just "I love you"... it can be really hard!<br />
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But the disorder doesnt just affect us, it affects our partners too... and relationships can suffer... and we understand that you may be sick to death of it and ask yourself... why bother? i dont want a relationship like this... But we need you!!<br />
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Dont give up on him...<br />
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Is he getting help? Does he take meds? X

do you think he has clinical depression? you must first see a Dr, it can be many things, you probably need outside help, google depression, read the list of symptoms, this is a good start, google it, you almost get the answers