Depressed Boyfriend Wants to Break Up

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About a year ago i started seeing my boyfriend , i was going through divorce and he did too.  He was married and his wife left him for another guy after a month.  he hates her for that and is very angry about it.  He is very loving with me, he loves me, but for what happened to him, he has his ups and downs.  When he gets depressed, doesnt want to do anything, dont wanna talk , see me or go out.  that really frustrastes me. i have been depressed myself, so i understand what he is going thru.  When he is fine, we have so much fun, we love each other, but when he is down, he is another person.  Every time he is depressed, tells me that i dont deserve him, that i dont deserve him treating me like that, that i should go on with my life w/o him, that he doesnt want to hurt me. he says he needs to mk himself happy b4 he can mk anyone happy, but when he is ok, he doesnt say anything like that. Besides he has suicidal thoughts too. he hates his life and everything..  He also was diagnosed with MS about 2 years ago.  He is right now depressed again, and wants to break up with me.  I want to stay by his side, but i dont know what should i do.  Is it depression talking? if it is, should i let him go?

BTW, he started taking antidepressants, about a wk ago.

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You should keep on trying. If you want you can even try seeing a therapist or something. You should also tell him to let go of the past. But he shouldn't forget, though. This will make him a wiser person in life. People leave out of your life all the time. If she left him then she never really loved him. He also shouldn't hate her. You should never forget what people do to hurt you, but you should forgive them. Just be careful with his feelings and try to support him best you can even if you are going through the same thing.