How I Cuckold My Husband.

This story takes place over about a year or two period of how I cuckold my husband and our new life style.

I married my husband not knowing about his desires or past. After we were married about a two months, one night when we were out having drinks. I ask what his deepest secrets were and I would share mine with him in return. This took a lot of convincing and a lot of drinks. I went first telling him I always wanted to have sex with a well hung black man.

We talked a bit about mine then it was his turn to confess. He told me something I would have never had thought of him doing. He told me that he had cross dressed most of his life. I was shocked inside but did not let on and I told him that was amazing. We continued to discuss his past a bit more and I asked if he had any clothing still around. He told me he did and I insisted in see them and he was to model for me when we got back home. He was not into the modeling but would show me them. We left the bar and once at home I asked to see them. Not very willing he did go to get them in the basement and I was on his heels to see where they were.

Once he pulled them out I kept telling him how nice they looked and how much I wanted to see them on him. I begged him to at least try on a cute lacy pair of panties. He finely striped and before he had them on his **** was very hard. Since he had an erection wearing his panties I pointed it out and insisted he dress completely which he finely did. I told him how nice he looked cross dressed, I also asked him how he felt cross dressed. He told me he liked the feeling of the clothing against his body. I pointed out his erection again and asked him if it really turned him on to cross dress? Knowing the answer already I wanted to here it from him, he said it did!

That night as he slept I made my plan on how to train him, I would put my plan into action the next day. When the morning arrived we slept in until eight AM. During the day we did not talk about the evening before. Around three or four in the afternoon I brought it up and I could see he did not want to discuss it. I told him how nice he looked cross dressed and that I liked it, I even went so far as to tell him he should cross dress while at home if he enjoyed it so much. About an hour later I brought out his panties he had worn and told him to put them on again. He fidgeted around saying he was not going to put them on again. I put my plan into action and insisted he wear them! If he didn't he would not get any ***** for a while. He had them on with in a minute and again was erect. I went to the basement and came back with a pink camisole of his. Handing it to him he put it on with no hesitation and the cuckolding began.

I kept him cross dressed the rest of the weekend and showed him how much I liked seeing him cross dressed by having sex with him. This was to insured him it was fine to be cross dressed with no inhabitations. I had him cross dress every night and even bought clothing for him. By having sex with him he was not hesitant at all to dress as I wanted. I started having him sleep in a negligees which he loved to wear all the time. With in a months time and had him cross dressed at all times when at home. This went on for the next several months and as time went on I gave less and less sex to him. When we did have sex I told him how much a sissy he was and how I liked him as a sissy. I ensured him I wanted him as a sissy and he would be my sissy at all times going forward in our marriage.

The night came when a girlfriend and I were going to go out looking for ****. I found the bull I had been dreaming about, He took me to his place and I spent the rest of the night with him. I came home at eight the next morning and told my sissy hubby that I stayed at my girlfriends place. I continued to see my bull over the next six months every chance I could.

It was time to in act the next step in cuckolding him. Since he had now accepted being a cross dressed sissy it was time to finish his training. When ever we did have sex I would tell him how I wanted a big black ****. I kept this up each time we had sex and after several months I told him he was not pleasing me sexually. I assured him that it was because he was such a sissy that he did not know how to please me any more. I drilled it into his mind when ever I had the chance and eventually would not let him have sex with me. I would have him ********** instead as I told him how I wanted a big black **** and did so over the next six months that I was seeing my bull. Then one night when I had him in his bubble bath and he had just freshly shaven I told him I had been seeing a black man for the last six months. He started to sob like a child, and as I dried him off I assured him it was fine and I had bought him a new negligee for the evening as I knew he loved to wear them. I dressed him and cuddled with him on the couch as I told him how my bull full filled my sexual needs like he never could. I pointed out that I was still with my little sissy and it would not change as I petted his now erect cocklit.

Next would be the introduction of my sissy hubby to my bull and finalize his cuckold status once in for all. He would have to learn to watch and satisfy us both. That will be story for another time.

Mrs. Cuckoldries
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you need to sneek hormones into his food until his penis stops working like my wife did to me he will get used to it and know his/her place


Lovely, simply lovely

Wow, I would love for this to happen to me!

Wow! Great plan executed to perfection..... My wife needs to take lessons from you!

That's the way it is. Real men **** women and sissies just play with themselves and cry in bed.

I'd have your wife say the most humiliating things to you as I'm ******* her senseless

What a lucky sissy!!!!

Well written story. Thank you for sharing. I am surprised at how many men have the same fantasy. Will you be introducing him to a ******* to further define his status as your sissy?

I would so like to serve you, your bull and your sissy

You took a lot more time to do this than was needed

Wow, I wish I had met you or a Woman like you. What a wonderful Superior Female you are, your sissy is so lucky to have found you!

Please use me, I need to be another cuckold for you !

you are a very loving cuckoldress

Mrscuckolder. When are you going to give us some updates on what's going on with you and your hubby? I/we love your stories. please share some more!!

Hey I'd like to see some more pics of your ***...



Love the story, he is so lucky to have a great **** wife. I hope he sucked his ****.I am a sissy queer and wife ***** real men and I clean up. I love *** and now a total queer ******. So nice being feminine giggle.

Please!! More stories!!!

I love the story so sexy. Want to read the rest.

Keep in mind, a sissied feminized husband has a great Love of his Mistress/wife. If he didn't, he'd be gone in a heartbeat. Bulls don't make those kind of commitments that husbands do. They're there for the duration. In the end, It's a strong love that the wife and husband have between them that binds them together, bulls, they're just sex toys. A good mistress will enforce that . Besides, newer *****'s are more realistic in appearance and performance, they never get soft and they don't spread diseases.

Nice story :)

I loved your story and I look forward to read more of your stories.

What a great enaction! You did very well Mistress...

would luv to *** u..add me on

would love to **** him

nice...can i *** u

It happened once or twice before but my first "real" experience being feminized made it easy for us both.I met his girl that pretty much told me I was there to **** her and get her off and do it her way. The first time she started by making me undress in front of her, lights on, displayed for her. Then with the lights down, as her clothes came off she put them on me. I resisted but was told she didnt care, I would never have sex with her unless I was wearing a bra, panties,nylons, makeup, perfume, whatever she decided. She stuck to it, I was feminized at all times around her. Even ordered in to stores, public streets, in the car, and in front of her friends who had also been given the pictures that where taken. It goes on endlessly but my point is for you girls to insist on it, dont hesitate. He wont agree but "wants to be forced" in to doing it. Really!

I am not a cross dresser,but if your husband does not turn you on anymore sexually,I have a nice fat **** that would stuff all your hole's up.and your husband could watch or not.that small picture of you show's a nice round *** and it would look nice next to my fat ****.

Thank you Mis for sharing your story Your Sissy Husband is a Lucky Guy. I would love to be able to be trained like you and would Dream of pleasign both you and your Black Bull. I would feel very Privalleged to have you as a friend adn if you should choose to have an online Slave I would be more than willing to obey

Vivid and sexy!

mmmmmmmmmmm such a hot story such turn on love it

you have "her"well on the way, have your sissy start dressing out of the house,kink of nondiscrept at frist,and always fem underwere.and just a bit bolder,and longer each time.
I went from a pull over top& bage jeens,to get a button down white blose& flower inbrowsed tight jeens, 6weeks later to get my ears pireced.

A very lovely story Mrs Cuckoldries, Your sissy is very lucky indeed

I can't wait for the next chapter in this story. Thanks for sharing

wonderful explination of how openess in a relationship can lead to better lives for all,<br />

I am sure he thinks about your bull's big black **** all the time, and can't wait to see, feel and taste it himself.

Very nice and I look forward to reading more from you.

what a great story!!!! I loved every part of it. YOu are an amazing woman. He is lucky to have a great woman who is as supportive as you are and as hot looking as you are.

So are you going to feminize him further? Put him on hormones?

I am not sure at this point. I will need to see how well this sissy behaves and how fast she learns. It is not to say it would not happen over time!

You try putting her on fenugreek initially. It's a phytoestrogen. Will make her nipples bigger and very sensitive.

Thanks for this info. I am going to try it out. My nipple are hypersensitive now,and when they become erect rather large I can not imagine them being even
more sensitive and larger!

I am stting here reading your great story wearing my lingerie pantiehose and high heels and thinking you are very great lady Mrs. Cuckoldries