Fem Cucked Hubby

Having a feminine cucked hubby is the only way to go. You will have a maid at your service and he will cater to your every need:)
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All husbands should be cuckold and feminized they would be unbelievable happy. They should be trained by there wife to be her slave.

I think thats correct.Id love to be trained and feminised.

add me sweetie

hehe very true

Luck guy .... Did it take him long to start living the part?

Well said.So is your husband trained in the art of cuckolding?

Being a femme cucked hubby to an enlightened understanding and receptive lady would be the ultimate servitude thrill. Would love to dress femininely and sensuously for you Julie and cater for your daily living welfare, and especially for your intimate personal needs. I would also wash your silky nylon panties by hand in sweet scented sudsy washing powder and hang your panties to dry.

Your ultimate maid at your service Julie.


Sounds like you have your husband trained well

Totally agree and thats how a woman should be treated ...with respect and undivided attention :)

Julie, that how the nature is defined...its always the female species who selects her mate and every man should fight for her attention and thats the right way....we "men" are given a "x" chromosome to better understand a women who is much superior with 2 "XX" :)

oooooo sounds fun!!!! lucky men.... please let me know if u ladies need a helping hand ever :) wish i was working in ur office :P

How come am not able to see you in my chat window here...sorry tooo new to this

Would you have room for another sissy cuck in your life???

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