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********** In Plastic Baby Pants

Can't help myself, so hard and wanting baby release in plastic baby pants. it happons again and again. Guess I'm one of the lucky ones,,,,,,BabyPantz:)
BabyPantz BabyPantz 46-50, M 8 Responses Aug 9, 2011

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I do that too. love how slipery it feels all day.

Hi babypantz I don't do the diaper I just love the fill of the plastic pants on my stuff a little lube and I'm off to the races I'm 53 and I do this as much as I can

We are sooo alike on this! I could have written the same!

Boy TullSkull, you were lucky to have a mom like that. I didn't discover my liking for plastic baby pants until about age 11. I found a way to borrow some for an afternoon and I was totally hooked. The soft silky feel and the reaction I got rubbing myself was out of this world and unlike anything I had ever felt before. Of course the fear of getting caught was also a big turn on as well. When I saved up some money and got up my nerve to go and buy my own I was in awe of the selection the store had. Many types and brands and colours and me not even sure of the right size other than knowing the ones I borrowed from a friends little brother were a large and a bit tight on my skinny frame. Then I spotted the soft pink ones hanging on a card with a slight dot pattern in the plastic and the moment I touched them they had to be mine. They came in soft pink and blue and yellow and white and when I saw the size "Super Size" I picked out one of each colour and went to see if anyone was near the check out. The sales lady was just ending a transaction and as the lady walked away I slowly went up and placed them on the counter. She smiled at me and said "for your baby sister"? Yes I said turning red in the face I am sure and as I put the money on the counter. I could not wait to get home and try on "My Plastic Panties" and the excitement built as I rode my bike towards my house. How would I sneak them in if somebody was home, perhaps under my shirt or down the front of my pants. That seemed like the best way and as I pulled in the drive I was happy to see no car there. Into the basement door I went and tucked my purchase into my pants, pulling my shirt out to cover them. Up the stairs and slowly open the kitchen door. All quiet and nobody home so up the stairs I ran into my room and I jumped out of my clothes and slowly pulled on the pink pair of plastic panties. They were to be my favourite colour and as I pulled them up over my hips I was overjoyed that they were a good fit with some room to play. The soft plastic was so smooth around my little parts and the feeling was so wonderful. It was not long before I had an incredible feeling between my legs and fell back on my bed to enjoy the moment. I have been hooked ever since and now that I am retired at age 63 I wear them whenever I want and that seems to be all the time.

Oh yes! Our stories are so alike! My same desires and passions - to this day, as well!

I got to play with plastic baby pants from the age of 6. This was after my mom found out about me liking to wear diapers after my babysitter diapered me and my little sister after a bath on weekend. <br />
<br />
My mom was okay with me wanting to wear diapers, and let me wear plastic baby pants too. I remember getting to wear nothing but plastic pants when I wanted to at home. It was great!! I would wear them without a diaper, and they felt great!!<br />
<br />
My mom just figured that I was staying out of trouble since I wanted to be home and play with diapers and plastic pants. I suppose she also wanted her "little boy" to be a little boy that much longer. She would diaper me as well when I asked her to.<br />
<br />
I guess she helped fuel my fetish, but I don't really care.

Love your story I have love plastic pants for as long as I can remember such a great fill on my stuff just add lude and off I go

************ is such a big word. I was about 11 when I first really saw plastic baby panties - blowing in the breeze on washing lines. They fascinated me. It wasn't long before I snuck out at night and 'borrowed' a pair. The secrecy and the adrenalin rush - plastic baby panty thief! What *could* I say if I was caught?<br />
<br />
When I got them home and slipped them on, naked, the excitement as I pulled them up and they first made contact with my... I was hooked. I swooned. I wet them slightly and they became sooo slippery. I felt both massively excited and loved the way they made me feel secure.<br />
<br />
I played with myself in plastic baby panties. That's about what I'd say to myself. It was play.

hi babypantz....i am totally addicted to thick cloth diapers that are exposed and encased in shiny and translucent plastic panties to the point that i can only squirt my sissycock when diapered.....i actually pray that since the good lord gave us this wonderful way to enjoy ourselves that he has a special place for us when we reach the pearly gates of eternity!!!..take care..tommy

BabyPantz, what happened to your website?

You have no choice when it's that strong, do you? I remember it myself. "Can't help myself"... and don't want to either! I can't resist. Is it like that?