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My Stepsister Modeled Pampers For Me: March, 1979.

If you've been following my stories, you will recall that my twin stepsisters 'Joyce and Gayle' were often involved in making me wear diapers for numerous years while they lived with us. My mom and their dad moved his kids in with us and the two older ones eventually move out as they got into late teens, but for this story, they still lived with us.

'Joyce' was always more the follower of her twin 'Gayle' and typically it was Gayle that instigated situations where 'they' wanted to make me wear diapers and be their play toy or their little baby boy or just dress me like a baby boy doll, or whatever went through their minds. This time, I actually thought they were in one of their playing "Dress-up" moods, and yet this time instead of getting some random outfit on and walking out into the hallway (we called it our model runway) to model that outfit for me, they wanted to do it in their bedroom, and said "It's not like we haven't seen each other naked before, and it'll be like we're all girlfriends trying on new outfits and showing each other in our own private dressing room." Well, it made sense to me, so I figured there was nothing wrong with that, and it kind of made me feel closer to them as brother and sister, so I agreed with their plan. They've seen me in my underwear, naked, in diapers, so really no big deal to me. I've seen them in and out of showers, in bikinis swimming, in underwear, and to them it was no big deal. So I was invited in for yet another "Designer Fashion Show" and we always seemed to have fun playing these shows. When I get in their bedroom, they closed the door and slide the latch over to lock the door "so no one can just walk in and surprise us" in the middle of getting changed. Joyce said we would have to try a new process this time. She put each name in a ceramic bowl and then draw two out. The first name drawn was the person who gets to dress the other person, and the second name dwarn gets to be that other person, and then the names get put back into the bowl for the next drawing. If the same two people get drawn in the same order on the next drawing, the names just flip, and the second name drawn gets to dress the first name drawn, so it stays fair and even. Okay, so I agreed to that as well. And the first couple runs were normal. She dresses her, I dress one of them, and then I drew out Gayle's name on my first draw and drew Joyce's name on the second draw. Gayle gets to dress up Joyce as she pleases and Joyce has to model it in front of me and Gayle. So Gayle says after a moment of thinking up ideas, "Perfect! I'm going to switch things around and instead of making David our baby boy, you can be our baby girl." Joyce, from what I could interpret from watching her, seemed uneasy and a little embarassed, as if she didn't really want to go along with the idea. "You mean diapers and baby stuff?" Gayle said "Sure, it's just for fun and it's not like you have to wear diapers all day and night in front of everyone. Just in here. I want to see if I can make you my baby sister. Come on, Joyce, it's just to have fun." Joyce reluctantly agreed since "It's for fun and just this once." Gayle looked at me and asked "David, can you go get one of your Pampers, and grab your wipes and baby powder too?" I was so surprised and almost shocked that it was Joyce and not me. I left their room and while on the lookout, made my way back to their room again. When I walked in, I quickly closed their door and relatched the bolt again. Joyce was undressed and laying on the Gayles bed in just undies and her shirt pulled up to below her chest. I gave Gayle the things she requested and then stood there, asking if I needed to help with anything, to which Gayle replied, "Nope. My little sister and I are doing fine okay." Gayle put the stuff on the bed and Joyce had her legs from the knees down, hanging over the edge of the bed, but Gayle said "These have to come off first, so help me out here." Joyce raised up as Gayle reached for her underpants and then pulled them down foo Joyce's feet. Joyce automatically put her feet flat on the matterss and Gayle pulled out three baby wipes and wiped Joyce clean and said "These not only clean, they make you smell more like a baby." She finally tossed those wipes on the bed and picked up the Pamper and told Joyce "You're going to make a cute little sister. You know what happens next, right?" Joyce nodded her hhead and for some reason she started sucking her thumb. It was not asked of her but she just started on her own. Gayle unfolded the diaper and placed it on the bed next to Joyce's butt, then spread open the back and asked her to "Pick your butt up and hold it up until I tell you to come down." Up she went and Gayle slid the diaper under Joyce's butt and after testing the tapes on the diaper to see where they were located on Joyce's hips, Gayle gave the okay and Joyce lowered down. Gayle sprinkled powder on Joyce's private area and sat it back on the bed. "You are such a well behaved baby sister! You ready for your diaper now?" Joyce still sucking her thumb nodded and mumbled out the word 'diaper' and pretended to be excited as if getting a gift. Gayle brought the front of it up and spread it open. She taped both sides and told Joyce she had to stand up and model her new Pamper. Joyce sat up on the edge of the bed and then hopped off it standing up in front of us. She felt her own diaper and turned around and tried moving like a professional model and she made herself look absolutely sweet and cute, like she was pretending to be around 3-4 years old and showing off in front of a movie camera. Gayle said "I love my baby sister!" Held out her arms and Joyce reached out and they fell together into a hug. Gayle reached down and patted Joyce's butt, creating that famous diaper butt spanking. I wasn't sure to laugh or ask Gayle to diaper me too, but I chuckled and said "I can't believe I'm seeing Joyce getting to wear a diaper, it's always you two making me wear diapers." Joyce smiled and said "we just like seeing you get diapered and wearing them around. Little boys like you look really cute when they're wearing diapers." Gayle agrees but added that "I just thought of it because I was going to make you wear the diaper but then decided to be different this time." Gayle took Joyce by the arms and coerced her to turn and face me and when she turned, ]ayle asked me "Well, is Joyce cute or what?" My eyes went right to her diaper. The solid white plastic diaper was bunched up between her legs and the white tapes pulled the plastic around her waist making little ripples and it was so adorable. Joyce turned left then right and back to straight facing me and said, "I know you would rather wear the diaper too, but what do you think?" I finally looked at her face and said "It's really cute how it makes you look like a baby and I liked how you were sucking your thumb when Gayle was puting your diaper on." She smiled and said "Oh, you liked that, did you? The next time we put you back in diapers, I think you should suck on a baby bottle of juice. How's that for a plan?" I thought she sounded a little mad or something the way she said it, and I apologized for making her feel bad. She said "No, I was just trying to sound like a cranky big sister making fun of her diaper-wearing brother. I wasn't mad." She walked up to me with her arms out and gave me a hug so I hugged her back. She whispered loud enough for Gayle to hear her "Pat my diaper, David, and tell me I'm a good little girl. It's okay, I want you to do it." I reached my hand down and pattled her lightly, feeling her diaper and her butt and after two or three light swats said "You are a very good little girl," then did a few more swats and I stopped. She stopped hugging me and she backed up and sat on the edge of the bed again. Gayle said "Well, let's see...What do we do next? Keep going and draw another round or call it quits and we just go play as we normally do, or watch TV, or what?" Joyce said "Whatever, but I'm not taking this diaper off just yet. I just got it on. Why take it off right away?" I let out a little laugh and told Joyce "You better be careful, Joyce, you might get hooked on them and become your daddy's little baby girl." And laughted a little more as they both laughed too. Joyce said, "Yeah. Just like you are daddy's little diaper boy. Just don't tell my dad about this, okay?" I said I wouldn't say a word about it. After that, we decided to go about our usual day, and I left their room and went in the living room just to watch TV for now. The weird thing really, is that when Gayle said she wanted to make Joyce her baby sister and told me to go get her a Pamper and the other diaper change stuff, I was really hoping she would diaper me too, and maybe Joyce and I could sit and play together like two diapered toddlers. Now, I was really in the mood to go put a diaper on. Instead, I waited and kept watching TV, pushing that idea to the back of my mind.///
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So did you get diapered in the end?

Not this time. When it was bed time that night, I realized that I went all day without noticing if she was still wearing that diaper. I do remember going to my room for bed and taking one of my own Pampers from my closet and thinking about what took place. After thinking about it, I laid down for bed, put my diaper on and went to sleep. The next morning, I was too afraid to ask about it.

lucky boy