I came online and saw I had an email and immediately thought "Uh Oh!!!" which I don't normally think when seeing I have email. A man who has been a bully to me and has friends that also hurt me when he slandered me emailed me. I get slandered worse by him and bullied in posts worse by him if I block him, so I don't block him. He came to me with a problem because of how people are treating him. Thankfully he has not been making more ids to add me on as if I can't figure him out. I am tired of him talking to me because I don't want to get hurt by him again. He said he asked a question if a Muslim man can marry a Christian woman - I am a Christian and he is a Muslim - but yet he KNOWS he doesn't stand a chance of romance OR friendship with me, not just cause I already have feelings for someone which he clearly disrespects - and I don't get attracted to people who disrespect my feelings because my feelings are part of what make me tick - and I don't want to be friends with someone who thinks it is okay to slander me. His email to me last week, he slandered me AGAIN in it, which hurts but I am just glad he did it in private not public. My real friends don't slander me. :)

Here is what I said to Roadguy/GUUYY:
"you are mean to people. you asked discriminating questions about women, act like money is a god, trash people who don't talk to you or want to be with you, talk about wanting an american blonde and have a creepy obsession with the usa. i met others who were hurt by you here on ep, yet you continue to hurt people. go tell one of your friends who likes your cursing me about this. don't talk to me about this. you are not my friend."
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 8, 2012