Demi Lovato Got S L A M M E D !!!

Demi Lovato got a top slot in more than one social site top searches. I defended her on more than one social site.

A lot of commenters are beyond angry that Demi Lovato is allowed to walk free and earn millions since some people who are not famous go to prison for assault if they punch someone, not some cushy rehab. They think she should be in prison and lose her fame since she uses it to hurt others. A lot of commenters think she needs to mature and stop crying "I was bullied" when they don't think she ever was. A lot of people think she's just copying other Hollywood celebs by saying she was bullied. A lot of parents are furious that she publicly cornered Disney who couldn't do anything or risk looking bad, and yet Disney is who made her a star.

Some mentioned about how Demi sure loves to use the money and fame she got from Disney but yet she didn't hesitate to bully Disney on Twitter, even though she should be thanking them for making her a millionaire and a star.

Demi Lovato is getting slammed also for being allowed to be a judge when she doesn't have that much experience in music. I saw someone try to defend her but couldn't really when her tears showed, when she revealed she had tried to tell Demi her story of what happened to her and how she got raped and wished she had bodyguards who could have protected her, but then Demi went and boasted about all the bodyguards she has. She said she was a fan of Demi's but not anymore. My heart aches for her.

I saw a woman slam and praise Demi Lovato all in the same comment. She complimented Demi Lovato's talent but then slammed someone's crush on Demi's looks and said she hopes her daughter does not aspire to be like Demi since Demi started showing off her body after she left Disney and that her son doesn't go for girls like Demi. Ouch!

I actually defended her, but I don't think my defense of her went anywhere near open ears if thumbs down is any indication.

Makes me wonder how many celebrities other people are reaching out to for help when the celebrities act like they care about their fans and want to help and then when the fans take them at their word, they get their hearts broken by being ignored or mocked.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Sep 21, 2012