Hollywood Slam

I read another news article. It was about a certain celebrity wanting to go back to their main job in Hollywood and needing to do that job moreso than this job they currently have in Hollywood. About 99% of the comments left by others were extremely hateful about how Demi Lovato also needs to leave, to sum up all the comments in nice, G-rated descriptions.

This country has been surviving being ripped to shreds by one massacre after another and people have to be so mean about Demi!

Stating they don't like her and why they don't like her is one thing, but to want her to leave and be vulgar about it, in my opinion makes them as bad as the bullies that bullied her.

Same with the attempted professional hit on Justin Bieber and his bodyguard. I can understand people not liking him, but to want him dead is something else. I saw no comments defending him. I left one. People were rooting the pro hitmen on wanting them to kill Justin because they think he's gay and they don't think he deserves to have Selena Gomez as a girlfriend and they think he has the body of a 12 year old boy that's trying to look grownup. I won't even attempt to G-rate the vulgar comments, some of which I couldn't read anyways because of censored language.

If I dislike a celebrity, it is because they are mean to others and use their fame to help them get away with it. I certainly don't wish them dead though or speak vulgar things about them.

In my opinion, everyone that supports the hit on Justin Bieber has no right to feel sad about all these people including five year old kids that have been getting massacred.

I'm still trying to figure out why people want Demi Lovato out of Hollywood. I'm wondering if her former bullies, jealous female fans of her exes, or loved ones of the girl she punched are behind this.

I know people hate Demi Lovato and think she's faking having been bullied just to get more famous because of how mean she is sometimes on Twitter apparently, from all the comments I've seen over time, but she does not deserve to be driven out of Hollywood because of it.

The latest scandal that has me baffled by others' comments is Liam, Miley Cyrus's boyfriend, being caught on video beating someone up. I don't know what to think about that because if it is real, why didn't the video recorder put the video down and go in and intervene? Why record the whole thing? Unless it was staged and people just presume it was Liam. If it wasn't Liam though, it still was bad if it was real and bad of the video recorder to catch it up close and not pitch in to help break it up. If it was real. But some think he got off cause of his stardom since he's a famous actor, has a famous brother and has a famous girlfriend.

I got so mad at some of the older comments in the past on a site that I deleted the account on later. I got a lot of thumbs down. I said it was no wonder where kids were learning to bully others cause their parents bully the celebs online and the kids think it is okay.

I've seen hateful and vulgar things about Taylor Swift but it's cause of how she treats anyone who dares to leave her. A lot of men and women don't like how she treats others and some say that she was mean to them even when they met her off the computer. I don't listen to her music. I heard she has a song that suggests she is not a virgin. I could care less about what she writes about in her songs. I care about the fact that she gets paid to hurt others if they make choices she doesn't like, but if she makes decisions others don't like then oh well. To me, that is not right. I am not the only one who has a problem with it. I just feel bad for her if she gets raped by a man who thinks she has sex with others so why not him. She gets defended by me about her physical beauty, but not about her personality. A father pegged her as someone who is 22 but going on 14 who wants to have sex with all the Hollywood boys and reject the boys who are not in Hollywood. Actually whenever anyone talks about that stuff, immediately what comes to mind is when she told the boy with the cancer no about attending his school's prom with him and instead invited him to be with her at the awards show where she was nominated for an award. It truly doesn't help her look like she doesn't only likes popular boys but also boys who are not popular. She should've said "I had plenty shining moments. I want you to have yours." Yeah, he got sick and hospitalized, but she never told him yes to begin with. Even other celebs have taken jabs now at her once-again romance life. She does not have an attractive personality. A gramma even said in a comment that there is a word for women who date around that much and that it isn't a pretty word. Ouch!
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Dec 15, 2012