The Saddest Thing I Ever Heard

In the midst of yet another massacre - Heaven help us all -, among the many kids and grownups killed at the elementary school - the youngest being 5 year old kindergarteners -, one little girl was shot and killed. Her kid brother survived. When the news had to be told to him that his kid sister had died, he said "I don't have anyone to play with anymore."

If that doesn't break your heart, I don't know what will. The pictures of the surviving kids and grownups and family that had arrived, scared in tears and horror-stricken was heartbreaking. I was crying. I applaud one of the teachers who survived who had to lead the scared, crying kids away. You could see the fear in her face but yet the determination to remain calm to help the kids get to safety.

We have been having so many massacres lately of young and older. It is so sad. And so near Christmas. A lot of families who had little kids are gonna need a lot of emotional support. How can you find the words to console a parent whose kid died? The worst crime of the heart in my opinion is when a parent has to bury their kid.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Dec 15, 2012