A Nation's Outrage At Hollywood's Fake Concern

Plenty of people are beyond furious at Hollywood's tweets. Hollywood stars act in violent movies, support violent movies, write violent books, design violent games, sing violent songs and have bodyguards who probably have guns, but yet they are on another rampage to ban guns.

Gun usage is not the problem. The problem is the person using the gun. So many health facilities and programs, jail cells, prison cells, hospitals, asylums, homeless shelters, etc. want to help keep these troubled people off the street but it costs money. Many, many, many are beyond furious that Hollywood is trying to keep their millions instead of helping these programs since they have the money to help out. A lot of people think no one in Hollywood has a right to be sad or angry about this because they're the ones that gave these killers the ideas.

Someone said killings happened even before guns came around. They're right. Someone else also said that Scotland requires every adult to have a gun and know how to use it, and that they don't have crimes from guns so what are they doing differently than us. Very good question.

Hollywood is coming under fire by many for its makings in and support of violent entertainment because of all the killing sprees we've been having. I don't blame people for thinking elementary schools should be armed because of parents trusting they can see their kids again. Only to find out they can't cause their kids were killed.

One lady even said she gets positive lessons from Hollywood but is sure that those who are sick in the head get the evil lessons. Quite sad, really. One man said that because a lot of laws don't get followed already, that all banning guns'll do is restrict the good citizens who know how and when to use the guns from getting them and provide the bad citizens with plots to get around the law to get the guns. Another one posted a quote from Plato. It read something like "Good people don't need the law to know how to behave. Bad people find a way around the law."
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

We don't need to pour money into gun control. We need to pour money into health care for mental illness.

Considering how many in Hollywood have been diagnosed over the years with mental illnesses, medical illnesses and eating disorders, I'd think that Hollywood would be bigger advocates of wanting to fund the mentally ill, not the gun bans, also. Especially considering if they meet up with danger, they know full well they're gonna want their armed bodyguards to protect them.