Walk In The Shoes

I made a comment online on another site about someone famous pretending to have been abused by her rich husband just after she started being on tv as a result of wanting to leave him after she became famous.

So many in Hollywood leave their significant others they say they love right after they get famous. So many say they were abused, bullied or had an eating disorder for publicity.

One person slammed me for being judgmental and not saying anything unless I walked in that lady's shoes. Well, I have and did say plenty about that.

That lady didn't talk about her abuse whenever she was out spending her husband's money beautifying herself. She said it after people speculated on the abrupt divorce she wanted after being married for a long time.

I was sexually and physically abused by two men every day for seven months and couldn't escape. They stayed with me constantly for fear of me turning them in and them going to prison. I mentally planned an escape. I didn't wait to become Miss Popular before I spoke up. I spoke whenever I could to anyone who would listen and they didn't like it. Not my idea of my first kiss or first time, but glad I was able to escape.

Many of us who survive abuse can recognize it in people's eyes if they truly were abused or if they were faking it. You can't hide it. Observers just make their choices to ignore it because it's not their problem. When in fact, humans are our neighbors, therefore it IS our problem.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 6, 2013