Petition Signed

A petition is out to get a certain prosecutor disbarred from law practices. She is protecting her son who helped drug and rape a teenage girl. She has also threatened this girl into silence and she did so to other girls before her. Her son among others attends a school where the school officials place these guys above others just because they are football stars in their school.

I signed the petition. This woman as a human should care about this girl's safety above a football reputation, as a woman should care about this girl PERIOD and as a mother should not be treating her son like his crime can go by unpunished just because he is a school star.

I don't normally sign petitions but I signed this one. Just because an athlete gets the school a win, it does not mean they can go around raping girls and covering it up. This school I was shocked to find out has plenty of rape cases that get silenced because of the officials, crooked law upholders and athletes silencing them because of their athletic successes.

It is a shame when a game win is valued higher than the drugging, making unconscious and raping of a human being.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 6, 2013