Disney's Healing Power

Watching Disney right now. I haven't been watching Disney, Hallmark, Boomerang. It has always helped me de-stress. I've been having buildups of stress ailments again. I can't read Yahoo News right now, even entertainment, pets, etc. I get too stressed just from seeing links that aren't nice and it sticks in my memory even if I don't recognize it stressing me just from seeing the link and not clicking it. And from seeing comments from people being mean to and about others.

I am different. I can't ignore it. Many things every day stress me without my realizing it and it builds up. I've had ailment warnings lately warning of a buildup explosion. I haven't had Disney or what to de-stress so the stress has been building up without my realizing it.

I had bruised feelings on my skin again. Feeling like someone was tapping my skin with a xylophone stick. My veins glowed through my skin. My eyes teared out of nowhere. I had vertigo bouts. I couldn't go pee. I couldn't eat much. I was feeling even more cold than how I always feel in spite of having 80 degree heater heat in my house which other visitors always feel cozy like they're near a furnace but yet I never feel that heat, not even with the shake-it warmers, warm-up shoes, etc. So besides always feeling cold and always being sensitive to everything around me because of how I was born, I just felt happy when the other things I mentioned with the bruised-felt skin, glowing veins, eyes tearing up, etc. went away shortly after, not realizing there was gonna be another stress explosion since all my life stress ailments and pains cumulate and never go back to zero but then start up again wherever it went down to.

My mom visited me. She and I talked about what could be stressing me. It makes sense why other strangers in my life, medical professionals, my biological parents and my step parents throughout my life have not wanted me on the Internet. Not to control me but because of what everyday stressors do to me. It makes sense all the times people online stress me and it lands me with stress ailments so severe, I end up unconscious in the hospital, even though most can shrug off online actions.

My mom said watch the hotel series or Wizards Of Waverly Place. lol I have Disney on. All the ailments are gone to a lesser degree. I want to be able to interact with the rest of the world uncushioned and read about the news even the happier news. But it is what it is. I have been told by medical professionals, my family and strangers to keep using Pogo's gaming site and keep watching Disney, Hallmark and Boomerang. It's what helps. Hospital ivs make me worse so I can't go to the docs anymore. Just glad Disney them has been able to help me throughout my life same way meds help the sick, drugs help druggies, etc.

My laughter from watching tv is back. I am happy. Watching Code 9 on Disney XD.
blossomingbeauti blossomingbeauti
36-40, F
Jan 7, 2013