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Ugghhh family!!! They disgust me. We would all be Cordial for a little bit and then everything will just be crazy. My parents basically always blame everything on me. Sometimes I do things that are wrong and I acknowledge that but, they don't recognize that I try to change or the good things I do. I've stopped caring about what they have to say. I can't talk to my parents about anything, they criticize me but, do the same things they told me not to do. Their words are also very contradicting. I stopped caring about family problems and don't really care to much about trying to be close with any of my family members because I realized that caring = stress and unhappiness, the feeling of going nowhere, trying just to fail in the end. Why stress when you can not care and at least be a little happier? I don't have a close relationship with anyone in my family actually. They say everything starts at home but, it doesn't seem that way to me.

I know thinking this way was wrong. I accept I was wrong and don't think this way anymore. You have to forgive.
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