I Sure Do Like It

I'm not trying to be creepy or anything, but I'm honestly proud of my ****. It's not huge, but it's not small and it's just a really attractive specimen haha. There I said it.
TheOnlyBenis TheOnlyBenis
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What can I say? people like hearing bout my penis :P

haha firegod, me too. Accompanied by "I am learning not to hate myself so deeply", "I make faces behind people's backs" and "I love to hear the waves crashing". I just lurrv the accuracy of the related groups section lol

Below me right now in the related groups section is........<br />
I love Pelicans. How that is related just boggles me.

lame sauce. Unless his route is massive he should actually stop and put your paper in the mailbox. Nobody throws papers in my city.

i don't get sick of looking at yurself ^_^<br />
<br />
haha, he doesn't just put it in your mailbox?

flesh color? lol

It has a way of of doing that. Must be some form of inhibition filter me thinks

Why thank you. Zee interwebs makes me honest

Wow congrats on the nice ****

haha Apache, I'm not gonna lie. It's been a full month and a half since I've gotten any.

lmao Benis, gawd i love this thread

ya, but some men shouldn't be haha. some are purple and gross looking and some are just plain weird

That was never my intention, milady *continues bowing*

so basically what your saying there TheBenis is your hand enjoys it because for you to say something like that your not getting any lmao!! But hey don't feel bad neither am I damit man wish I had some beer and some smoke. where is this party? how dare it be going on with out me!! Grr

lmao Benis!

*gets down on knees*<br />
<br />
While I'm down here, you need help with anything?<br />
<br />
Jack isn't for everybody. I'm a lover of whiskey, gin and rum.

the thought of Jack just makes me sick

Firejack! (fireball, jack & coke) That **** tastes like heaven!

o.O noooooooooooo not the Jack!

lmfao<br />
<br />
Awesome, Jack is Edie's weakness.

well than scratch that, BOW TO ME!!! *Grabs a 26 of Jack and starts drinkin* Me and vody are natural enemies


lmao its just fun to tease them with.

Man up and do itttt.<br />
<br />
:chuggs vody:

haha, nobody needs to bow against there will. I have no idea why i even posted this lol. CA, beer me!

wooot! Beer!

pffft im not bowing to any ****

All women must bow to the ****.

well, thats great. lol