Herpes Is Deadly

My father is dieing, He shot up in jail with a dirty needle, twenty years ago, and he only found out this year. There is only a twenty percent chance he'll live, but thats not guaranteeing that the herpes will be gone. He was always there when I was young, and the mistakes he has made in the past, wont stay there. Also, he had a thirteen year old girl friend when he was 18, that gave him head, and he went to jail for two years, So, twenty years later he is posted on the sexual Predator site. So, when I graduate in a couple years, if he makes it till then, he cant see me walk across the stage, because he isnt allowed 150 feet from the school. But my aunt who lives across town from us makes a laughing joke of us, because she lives with three predators and they did rape children, and she is trying to get custody of her 13 year old daughter. Which is so sad, in her sick little twisted world.
ViolentSomething ViolentSomething
18-21, F
Aug 11, 2007