I Am Alone In My Own Religion.

  I will try to make this very simple.If you are aware of the Buddhist artifacts and monuments that have been destroyed upon discovery in Afghanistan and Pakistan, then you already know something about my religion.
  I am a born ciitzen of the United States, and I am non-political, and though I belong to some groups, I do not preach my ways, for instance vegetarian, but as for what other people eat, it is their life, their karma, and although perhaps I used to, to put it bluntly I really do not care what people do anymore.
  I care what people do when it involves me directly though, so now I will get to the point.

 In Ancient times,circa 1000BCE to 1000CE, there is a frame of time that has been lost to history.It is according to my knowledge, a time when the remainder of a civilization that was near fully extinguished in the year 9000BCE began to grow and again was finally fully extinguished, which set the human race back into more or less, the stone age.
 I won't get into all the evidence of ancient wars, the Mahabarata etc. but it is there.

 I also won't get into the whole lie that is WW2, because it is over and done with and the victors are enjoying their win.
 I won't say who won, but for anyone who knows anything about America (North and South), by now it should be obvious about who won, what happened to the generals(hanged)scientists(moved), and how the bomb was developed (ex-nazi engineers etc).

 The ignorance of my parents sticks with me, and I realize that most people now know the truth, but what many do not know is that it is far too late.
Yes, I want to have hope, and maybe there is reason to have such hope, but I digress.

  I practice something that is a mixture of Vajrayana Buddhism, also known as Tibetan Buddhism(of which there are 4-5 root schools), or Tantric Buddhism (which has nothing to do with the Kama Sutra other than .001% of the religion).

  But truthfully, I prefer to call it Zoroastrian Buddhism.Because in reality what I practice is, or was once called Gandaran Buddhism, and it was practiced by the Greeks, when their civilization reached as far East as Mongolia, and as far North as Scotland.What they are teaching in schools now, I do not know, but I do know that I was not taught any of this in school, and in fact later found that American schools are Communist to the T.

  So, though it may seem opinionated, or that I take political stance, I don't.
What I believe in are facts.I am looking for people who agree and understand or want to learn.
I don't have time to argue.If you need proof, study it.
 So now what we have is a new religion, and here is how it works.

 On the East Coast of the USA, there is no Buddhism.Some Zen here and there, and a little bit of watered down New Age Hinduist garbage.
Again, I speak from the point of fact, my opinions being invalid.I refuse all forms of hippocracy which is why I must be literal and brutally honest.
I do not aim to hurt peoples feelings, but sometimes it happens, well, I am sorry if I offend or hurt anyone's feelings, but I recommend if you don't like what I am saying to just go away, because as I said, this is not an arguement.

 It is a discussion, if anyone cares, and I will post more about this in the future.
Gandaran Buddhism is lost to time, the only remaining bit of literature published is the "Rhinoceros Sutra" which is quite frankly depressing.
It talks about solitude, and only solitude...and I've had enough of that.
 The greater majority was lost in war.Afghanistan is a big place, the world changes, so much has been burned and destroyed...but it is not lost.
The founders of the faith of those times found ways to preserve the knowledge and pass it down to future generations as far away from Tibet as America.
  The way is, by genius, the methods are all secret, but so very simple.
 I will go so far as to say "invisible time capsules".
 Since they are invisible, anyone is welcome to search, but only the worthy can find them.

So, I am not "the chosen one",  I am not the new age messiah...I do not want to be a monk...I do not want to even be human alot of the time.
But here I am, and this is about experience.
At the time I write this, I am having troubles because of the biggest weakness and downfall of any man.Love, and money.
Usually things are perfect, to me, but I think what I have hoped for may be harder to attain than I realize.

    To conclude, the religionI practice is as simple as Liberation, or Freedom.
It's something they lied to us about in our communist school.
But don't worry, I have a complaint for every political party.I am trying to make a point.

   Although I haven't said much about it yet, this is the introduction to my contribution.
Here is my complaint about American religions...
We have, Christian, Muslim, and Jewish...all are different versions of the same god and they fight among eachother not knowing why.
Nothing else even qualifies for religion except maybe Wiccan, and although I like pantheism, and enjoy magic...it lacks moral backbone.
So when I say wiccan is  not for me, the witches assume I'm a christian...but I'm not.
When I say that I do not believe in "God" some say I'm an atheist, and the 'Big Three religions all call me a heretic...I am neither.
Actually I do believe in God, but I do not worship it.
That could bring up a million more questions, and assumptions, but if no one knows what I stand for what is the point?
  What I am saying is Liberation is a religion...it is something that some Buddhists call Enlightenment.
  But you could also say enlightenment is Illumination, and that sounds like Illuminati, uh oh, New World Order.
  You could say that is Utopianism, or Agnosticism, and partially right, but the details aren't household words or common knowledge.
 Without ethics/principles(rules), to live by, you develop enemies, without morals/learning, you destroy yourself.
 Religions always have at least one ethic and one moral.I could probably name each because I studied them in school and on my own.

 Personally, I would like to be free from this mission I have, called Life.
So many people I consider to be ignorant just say 'well do what you want'...no...I really don't think so.Not only can I not acheive that...but you don't want me to, TRUST ME...you do not want any man just 'doing whatever they like'..as though there are no consequences, never mind karma,god,or a conscience.There is something called the Law.Not just any law, but the laws of the land...I prefer to remain out of prison thank you for that rotten advice.
  Create your own reality, cool,  life is one big lesson, no, not for me..there is a point you stop learning and start teaching.
I got there, but the funny, albeit tragic thing, is that you can still fail, you can still fall into a trap, you can still screw up.
  I am partly convinced this will attract some negative attention, but in a time where I have nothing at all, there is nothing to lose by mentioning where I would like to get back to.

  I do not like where I am, and when you are down...it is easy to run out of everything, and no one wants to be a friend to a fallen leader, someone perceived as an arrogant bastard who got his skull smashed in.
Alot of things annoy me lately, and it is a shameful weakness for that to occur.I am noticing I am human still.I am still in a world that is a nightmare to me.Maybe I should have posted this in another place.
Whatever though, we all try to do our best, even if all we have left is avoiding the brutality of pain and emotional agony.
There is no escape, just things that mask it.There is an array of vices all around us all the time, and they can take their toll.

  So as far as losing my religion goes, mine was lost before I was born, and part of the reason I was born was to bring it back, but it is like mother nature just decided to spit on me as hard as she could, and knock the wind out of my proverbial sails.
Well good job, it worked.
I am not ever going to be like the majority though.
I will sooner die than join them, or go to be tortured in their institutions again.
I have made that properly known though.
 My honesty often saves me, but recently I met a person who was not so honest, and very much an empath, and she tore me up good inside.
It is that snake we all try to avoid if we recognise it, the one that causes jealousy, rage, hate... the kind that sticks and courses through your blood till it either kills you or you have expelled the poison.
    It really disappoints me, that when things were going as well as I thought they were, I realize I have not much of anything for myself.
I really do try to be selfish, but I'm not good at it.
I will stop here where my hundred complaints and sorrows begin, I can express that in another forum.
If anyone has any similar ideas, questions, whatever, I guess this is the place for it, so, welcome.
LughLuxor LughLuxor
41-45, M
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Wow.. Liked to read. Did not know about Gandaran Buddhism though I understand the damage war has done. I am practicing Vipassana and beginning to appreciate the process