I'm Engaged... Is It Right?

My boyfriend of 8 months proposed on February 5th. Awesome, right? Well, I met this man who lifted me off of my feet. I'm starting to fall for him... I'm in love with my fiance, but I'm falling for another guy...

Please help me! I don't know what to do!


Okay... Here's an update. I accidentally slept with the guy I'm falling for... I know, especially now, that I need to leave my fiance. And I will... Before this week is over I will. But my one concern is that the man I'm falling for just got out of a long relationship and doesn't want to get into another relationship right away. I completely understand that. But what I'm worried about is that I don't want to be just a friend with benefits, you know? I'm falling for him! I can't take being just friends... What do I do? And how do I bring it up to him without sounding like a nag or like I'm trying to push him??

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I'm sorry, but I'm confused. How do you ''accidentally'' sleep with someone?? I am assuming that there was very little actual sleeping due...<br />
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As to the other, be more honest with him than you have been with us, and yourself. Tell him your fears NOW, so that it won't be tragic later. Better you find out now where you're at , instead of hoping that another ''accident'' will give you the right answer..

If you are "falling" for another guy, being engaged is not where you want to be. I am in the same page as Distraughted. <br />
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Take your time. Don't rush into a committed relationship. Especially when your heart isn't really in it. <br />
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Enjoy being who you are, discovering your tastes, your desires.

Sounds like you already know whats in your heart. what you are really saying is " How do I break the engagement without any bad feelings.."That is the hard part. I have 2 grown daughters and I'm always telling them not too rush into anything to quickly, which sounds like thats exactly what you did here.Lets take a look at this from the other foot.....what if it was your finance who is saying he has these feelings for someone else ??? would that be fair too you??? Just some food for thought...remember...you have the rest of your life to live, make damn certain your going to love it !! Good Luck Hon!!