I met someone and the butterflies are gone. I'm a little shocked how I lost interest so quickly. Although I am not a picky person, I don't think I should have to settle either. I realize now that I like some elements of this guy but not the whole package.
I just can't see myself being more than friends with this guy and at the same time I don't know if I should even invest the time into being friends when I know eventually he'll want more. I've never had to tell someone that I'm not interested in them. I just don't want to waste his time.
Another thing that keeps haunting me is the hurt it may cause. He once told me that a lot of people have walked out of his life, I don't want to add to that list. He doesn't have a lot of friends and I just would feel really guilty if I hurt his feelings. What's a girl to do? This is going to be tough...
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I found this ask.fm that seems to help people with advice. I just thought I should tell people. www.ask.fm/StepIntoMyOffice

I Ok, here is a different view than some others. i don't see why u can't just be friends and make it clear that's all it can ever be. Sometimes if friends is all u can be that is more than enough for a person that truly likes you. I know this first hand... there is a girl I'm crazy for but she keeps me in the friend zone, which is probably right for her. It would hurt more to lose her from my life entirely, and I am glad I can be near enough to be warmed by the fire, even if not in it. Maybe same for him..., and that friend will always be there for u. Think of it as having a gay guy friend, except without the fashion sense and best gossip.

It call lust!! So many people think that lust is love!!!!! IT NOT !!!!!!!!!

The difference is honor, respect , loyalty . When you just meet you can't honor ,respect, and have loyalty!! For someone it takes time!! You have to get to know them!!! Ask them questions!! Learn about their childhood what they are looking for in the future!! Find out from their friends and ex's. What they are like!! Listen to them and find out why they broke up?? If they don't take some blame then you need to think!! Check out bills if they are late then you need to think!! In being late with their bills show two things they live to high and don't care, and you will alway be picking up the pieces!!

In this case it's not lust. I'm a virgin and he's been abstinent for the past three years. Its definitely not love either. I understand what you mean though. As far as a long term relationship I would definitely look at those things but it hadn't got that serious for us.

If it doesn't happen now it's going to happen eventually :|. It's up to you how long you want to prolong this.

Just remember: don't settle