Writing about my thoughts and troubles on EP has been really helpful as has been the support from the members as well.

I've also been lucky to have a friend, who I've known since 2011, who is prepared to listen and empathise with me as SHE has been divorced twice now. She is also very single and has made it very clear that she would happily take things to another level.

1) The reality though is that I am still married, having made my vows many years ago

2) For me, she doesn't hit the long term lover/partner measure

3) I don't want to hurt our friendship by hopping in to bed with her

4) If I don't, I think our friendship will suffer especially if I do eventually hook up with A.N.Other...

I think I'm going to have to explain my thoughts and try and show her that I want her as a friend and not a lover.

There is a slight age gap ( she is 7 years younger) but not enough for it to be a real issue and in reality I know I can't use that as an excuse.

I will be strong, explain what I'm thinking and hope that she understands and remains a close friend with me.

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Did she understand or take it the wrong way?

Actually she's been excellent, we did dinner a couple of times without taking it any further. We are also doing lunch this week, even though she knows my feelings I can still see it in her eyes and the way she moves she wants to take our friendship to the next level.