And As For Fathers...

I'm not sure how to put this in a way that won't make me sound like an as*h***. Oh well, here goes...

Backstory: My father died when I was a two-year-old. We lived in a small town and he was a doctor so we were somewhat prominent. Not only that, he decided to die in a spectacularly odd way... in an explosion in (I'm not lying... or joking) a bomb shelter.

You know that saying "It takes a village to raise a child"? I'm that kid.

Among the villagers, I had several father-figures. There was the con artist dad, whose immense wealth came from questionable sources. He taught me to play poker at five-years-old in an effort to teach me mathmatic probabilities. There was the anarchist dad. Y'know, smoked a lot of weed, drank too much coffee and as a result was a little bit bi-polar? That dad. Always gave me lectures about cracking the mold. He was a blacksmith. Total snob. Eventually he outsourced all his designs and retired. Then there was the dad who made living life an art. He was a country clubber, a radiologist. His children are not only successful, but also kind which is far more valuable. Finally, there was the boyscout dad, the activities director, also my father's best friend. He just got a divorce and he is DATING my mother.

I'm twenty-nine so I shouldn't freak on this one. Truthfully he takes the edge off her personality in a nice way. It's just... we used to be best friends. She maybe a rolling ball of knives, but to me she was a high priced ceramic collection at least. She was my ball of knives. Yes, I became an addict and put her through hell. I'm finally back to repair this relationship and I'm a fifth wheel.

I'm laid up with a bad break in my foot. I've just had surgery. I'm at her house. I'm finally off all the drugs and the other night he was over and everytime I tried to chime into the conversation they bulldozed right over me like I hadn't even spoken. I don't hate the guy. I like him. I love her. Even after all the garbage and she has hit before and had me arrested and there have been horrible times between us. And now it's like she's through with me. I don't fit into her life and here's this oblong, very goofy, very male replacement BFF.

Yep, I'm right. I sound like a schmuck.
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You are no schmuck ... yo just had schmuchk parents. Concentrate on the fact that your have overcome your addictions and you are going to be ok. Yo are going to meet the right girl and live anything but like your parents.<br />
<br />
I see good things for you in your future. You go get it, ok!