I Swear She Has A Problem.

This is my first post. I am 16 years old and been having problems since my parents divorced. I hate being one of those kids who are like "everything was so perfect when they were together", but its true! It seems since this transition both of them act like they are 17 instead of 37. My mother moved across the country so that I would have limited time with my father, and my father twists stories to make is seem like he's done no wrong. They have been divorced since I was 11, and I thank god everyday for my mother's boyfriend, Brian. Brian is a fair guy and usually soft spoken. It seems he always knows what to do.

Anyway, for the past couple years my mother and I fight all the time. We don't fight over anything, we just fight. I don't know if it's my hormones or if we seriously just have a problem with each other. It gets so bad, the cops get called to my house because neighbors hear yelling from inside. She used to be abusive but will not hit me due to my standing up for myself about a year ago. Everytime we get into an agruement my mother calls the police and claims shes scared for her life. My mother also likes to twists stories that she tells to Brian about our fights and arugments.

I understand I'm in the wrong some of the time, and deserve to be punished. I really try to give her the respect she claims she deserves, but it's really hard to when I actually have no respect for a women who used to hit me, and does not listen to what other people have to say. I really love my mom, and I do want things to get better for the both of us. We have tried group homes for me, and even just not talking to each other. It always ends up in a fight. It seems either my mother or I just want to fight, so we start one. I've been getting better about not starting a fight (on purpose) with my mother since i've been in a group home. My mother tells me that if stuff doesn't change that I will live in a small hick town with my father til I turn 18. Whenever we fight she hangs it over my head making remarks like "You can pack your bags" or "I bet your father will love to deal with you"

I know my mother loves me also, and that she is under a lot of stress, but it seems like she takes her stress out on me. I take my stress out on her. It's really starting to wear on Brian, whose relationship with my mother is also rocky. He tells us we will have to move if this continues, because he really can't deal with it every night. I agree with him.

A week ago, my mother announced that she will not be giving me rides back and forth all the time. Yesterday, I told her that I was going out of town with my boyfriend and his family for a day. I told her I had arranged a ride there, but I would need one back since it was out of town and I can't ride my bike on those type of roads. It started a fight that ended of in yelling and screaming. I say things that are really evil when I get angry, and i have recently been working on that. Yet she hangs past convos (that i had previously apologized for) over my head, saying she feels threatened. Later, I begged her to sign up for an anger managment class with me along with my little brother. She told me she didn't need it, only I did.

I'm trying to make things work with her but she will not listen to anybody. I've had Brian, my grandmother, and my step-mom try to talk to her. She really believes she has no errors in anything that occurs between us, and gets upset if anyone says diffrently. I need help! How do I deal with her?
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Aug 9, 2010